Global footwear brands presented new “Summer 2022” collections in the WeShoes network


Crocs – seemed impossible, but the brand surprised again

Crocs delighted the fashion world with a variety of leopard and tiger prints, as well as – for the first time! – their combination. The Light Ride collection in patented ultra-light foam has also expanded: new models of sneakers and clogs have been released, including for children.

Among the novelties of the – an unusual silhouette of women’s clogs: on a platform and a grooved sole, in white and black tones with a floral pattern. The straps of many adult and children’s models can now be tightened to adapt to the size of the foot.

Crocs expresses its philosophy in the form of charms, and in the new collection you will find models with peaceful charms, hearts, yin-yang and other symbols of peace and togetherness.

Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande and many other celebrities show us on their social networks this Crocs – star of this summer.

    Global footwear brands presented new collections "Summer 2022" in the WeShoes network

Hoka – two new legendary sneaker models at once

Kawana and Arahi 6 – new models from the American advanced sneaker brand Hoka, the first is for fitness and the gym, the second – for standing, running and walking. Both – versatile and suitable for all activities.

Arahi 6 is a vegan model made from recycled materials. Its sole supports the foot during pronation (inward inclination of the foot) and supination (outward). The shoes are suitable for sprints, marathons and long filings.

Hoka Kawana will suit those who need versatile everyday shoes. The new CMEVA foam formula used in the midsole provides a high level of cushioning and powerful rebound. The heel has a dovetail shape. with an extension on the outer side, which improves stability and reduces the load on the legs.

By the way, paparazzi Leonardo DiCaprio, who has joined the long list of famous fans of the brand, has just been photographed wearing Hoka sneakers.

    Global footwear brands presented new collections

Xero – designed to seduce you

The Xero brand has just landed on the web. Its peculiarity is that it allows the foot to move absolutely freely and naturally.

PRIO sneakers for men from the brand Xero – vegan, designed for running, gym, walking and travelling.

Another model of the brand is the sandal that can walk on water (well almost), on gravel, on asphalt and on any other type of road. They are vegan, flexible and light as a feather – 108 grams!

Ilse Jacobsen – authentic Danish design

Ilse Jacobsen brand — it’s Scandinavian simplicity and elegance.

Ilse’s tubes are sneakers adorned with laser-cut designs. The flexible and comfortable ribbed outsole lets you enjoy nature walks without fatigue. In the new season, new sneaker colors have appeared – tie-dye and bright colors, and a Danish-style slide model has arrived.

    Global footwear brands presented new collections "Summer 2022" in the WeShoes network

Moses: freedom to choose your own path

Every year, this “blue and white”, a brand of shoes adapted to our climate, renews its range of best-selling slippers. Luxurious pastel shades and special prints have been added to traditional juicy summer colors and aniline colors. Each pair of Moses has a 100% Israeli character. The brand philosophy is based on the belief that each person is free and free to choose their own path. All shoes are vegan and can be recycled.

Seventy Nine: trend + comfort

The modern Israeli brand is one of the first to react to changing fashion trends and quickly translates them into ultra-relevant models. And, what is particularly appreciated in Seventy Nine by customers, – without sacrificing comfort.

This season’s trendiest sandals, slides, trainers, trainers, socks and white platform trainers are, of course, from Seventy Nine.

    Global footwear brands presented new collections "Summer 2022" in the WeShoes network

Natural World: the colors of nature

Conscious consumers are familiar with this eco-brand. A pioneer in vegan fashion, Natural world has been committed to the mission of caring for the environment from day one and maintains its 100% sustainable status. The exemplary eco-friendly factory produces vegan sneakers from recycled materials. The brand has already presented two signature models with pleasant colors inspired by nature.

Magma and candies

When it comes to choosing shoes, kids aren’t going to listen to arguments about comfort and quality. They want it to be beautiful. Parents also think about the fact that the sandals do not rub the feet and do not cause falls. Two Israeli brands Magma and Candy have brought together the desires of young and old. The result is a collection created using unique technologies and first-class materials. Children’s favorite colors: pastel, pink and metallic tones. The child is happy, the parent is calm.

Lemon Jelly — a fun Spanish brand the chain just introduced in Israel. Flip flops in delicate, pastel tones on the platform – it’s fun and trendy. The shoes are 100% vegan and perfect for any look.

Blundstone, Desigual, Verbenas, Cobian and other brands also presented interesting novelties for the new season.


The WeShoes brand appeared in 2016, becoming the new name of the famous Crocs & More chain. Crocs entered Israel in 2008 and until 2014 was sold in monobrand stores. Then a whole company of well-known shoe brands appeared on the shelves, and the name was changed to Crocs & More. Soon the assortment expanded even further, and the stores turned into a multi-brand chain offering fashionable, high-quality and comfortable shoes and bags for the whole family. WeShoes has over 60 branches across the country. You can also make purchases in the online store. And now is the time to do it.

In total, WeShoes represents more than three dozen famous international shoe, accessory and bag brands, including Crocs, Blundstone, Moses, Scholl, Natural World, Desigual, Rocket Dog, Cobian and many more, as well as bags and suitcases from Lee Coper, Valentini, Govani, Swiss Travel Club, American Travler, Yael Keidar and others. The network includes more than 60 branches across the country. Purchases can also be made in the online store. Now is the time to do it.

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