4 Shoe Brands Awarded 5 Stars by Nurses


“I usually wear Nikes or running shoes because they’re comfortable and don’t hurt when I’m running all day,” said Benjamin, who usually works 12-hour or longer shifts.

Of the 10 categories the shoes were rated in – quality, cost, comfort, water resistance, slip resistance, style/fashion, foot/ankle support, durability and cleaning ability – Benjamin gave the Asics a rating of 5 out of eight. For water resistance and foot/ankle support, she rated the shoes a 4.

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Benjamin also tested and rated Bala Twelves. This shoe is designed by nurses and is designed around the morphology of the female foot. The result is a perfectly fitting nurse’s shoe without compromise.

“I liked their snug fit and comfort. They’re actually liquid resistant,” said Benjamin, who gave the shoes a 5 in each category.

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Wali Khan, BSN, RN, is a critical care/emergency nurse with 10 years of experience. He wore the Brooks Ghost 12 running shoes three times before reviewing them.

Although he usually wears Nike Free Runs, Khan said his feet “didn’t hurt after intense movement. The fit of the shoe was true to size and didn’t require a ‘break-in’ period. I also ran several miles in the shoes to test comfort and durability and they turned out to be great shoes.

Khan rated the shoes a 5 for quality, comfort, foot/ankle support and durability. For cost ($110), slip resistance, style/fashion, and cleaning ability, he gave them a 4. the other two categories received an N/A.

See Khan’s YouTube review below:


Everett Moss II of Atlanta, BSN, RN, is a critical care/vascular access nurse with five years of experience. He wore the Nike Vapormax to work for a full shift.

Moss rated the Vapormax a 5 for quality, comfort, and style/fashion, saying they are “very light and comfortable.” However, Moss also prefers “more fluid resistant shoes” and only ranked them 2 in this category.

You can check out the other seven shoes on Nurse.org.

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