19 Black-Owned Shoe Brands To Buy All Year Round


If you were to poll editors, you would find that everyone has their own favorite aspect of their work. Some love scouring Nordstrom for the hottest newcomers, and others love spotting a micro-trend before it explodes. For me, there is nothing I love more than discovering new brands, especially when they are black property. Do not mistake yourself. I’m always up for digging in a party sale or try a new one outfit for date, but there’s something so magical about supporting black talent in the fashion industry. Breaking into the fashion industry can be daunting for anyone, but launching your brand as a person of color is even harder. It has been reported that less than 47% of funding requests filed by African American business owners are approved. In addition, over the past two years, many large retailers have only recently joined the Fifteen percent commitment to ensure that they were buying wholesale ready-to-wear and accessories from Black-owned fashion brands.

Basically, it’s tough here. And while there are great organizations, retailers, and leaders paving the way for future black creatives, the easiest way to continue championing and supporting emerging talent is to buy their work. Buying a pair of shoes may not solve all the systemic problems in the world, but it is a start. So ahead of time, I’ve rounded up 19 black-owned shoe brands to buy all year round, because buying from black designers never goes out of style.


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